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SBR Black Rubber Granules

Atmacom is highly experienced in producing high quality SBR Rubber Granules through modern processes. Our granules have 99.9% purity and are free of heavy metals, linen, lead, zinc, sulfur, and phthalates. We use only the finest quality raw materials from selected non-exhausted tires.

Our molding processes allow us to offer pure, clean-cut granule and free of contaminates rubber ideal for a wide range of applications.

Atmacom Black SBR Rubber Granules

Atmacom SBR Colored Rubber Granules
SBR Colored Rubber Granules

Top quality SBR Colored Rubber Granules are the next generation cost effective alternative to EPDM colored granules. They are extremely durable, offer superior UV stability, high resistance to weather conditions and are available in a wide range of non-toxic colors. And if our color palette is not enough for you, we can create your own.

Custom color blending is our passion.

> High resistance to abrasion > Great shock absorption > Great vibration damping > High resistance to weathering > 99,9% purity > 100% recycled material > Wide range of colors
> Synthetic football pitches > Background in sport / fitness > Modified as aprons > Sound proofing material > Shock absorption material > Flooring tiles
> SKU ATM0005 / 0,0 - 0,5mm > SKU ATM0525 / 0,5 - 2,5mm > SKU ATM1030 / 1,0 - 3,0mm > SKU ATM00005 / 0,0 - 0,5mm > SKU ATM00005 / 0,0 - 0,5mm > SKU ATM00005 / 0,0 - 0,5mm > SKU ATM00005 / 0,0 - 0,5mm
SBR Colored Rubber Granules are available in a wide range of non-toxic colors or we can create your own! Custom color blending is our passion.

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